LH Biz Web: Is a new media photographer website;
fashion runway shows, presentations and events
are attended to get images for this website through
out the year, with current images from 2020 on
social media websites, links at top of website.
This photographer: Is also a Blogger / Writer
The email: LH@LHBizWeb.com (this is email
forwarding, your emails will be returned from
a different email address. (a custom email is
not set up at this time).
This website: LHBizWeb.com as of March 2020
has been up for a year now, after being moved
from another hosting site.
L.H. are the initials of the Blogger / Photographer:
Most people met in person receive a business card
with the photographer name on it. The phone number
on the card needs updating, when new cards are
printed in the future.
Contact phone: available
Home State: Maryland, U.S.A.