Casting Calls:

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Informercial Commercial Castings for
Lets Make A Deal, casting in Los Angeles, California, No end Date seen (Posed 2/27/20).  People will be directed to casting site by cut & paste link, a phone number is listed too.  Look for job on this website:

Multiple Type Photo Shoot, Orlando, (Posted 5/12/20) The company or Photographer, is seeking only one person, for all or one shoot with either bathing suit/Lingerie/Cosplay, Casting ends: May 16th 2020, the casting i.d. number is #1612374 — posted on:

South Moon Under, Annapolis, MD, (3/25/20) Seeks model for Fit work, 5″5 to 5″7 with a 27″ waistline, etc., Job posted at:

Candy Rose Boutique, Bethlehem, PA , (posted 3/23/20) seeks online models Lilly Pulitzer, King of Prussia, Fit Model male & female (search for fashion model, under Pennsylvania) at:

Worldwide Casting Call:
Voice-over for females, location not known, (posted 5/12/20) age 20 to 30 years old, with British accent, with a U.S. social security number. Casting ends May 25th 2020 All castings is a member pay website, (Saw a sale going on) on memberships of one/six/twelve month memberships to view the castings, (saw 12 months membership at less then $65.00 a year) don’t know when sale ends. To view casting calls: Listed at: