New York City


Allure Magazine. womans magazine with writing on makeup, skin, hair wellness and celebrity.
Cosmopolitan Magazine, on newsstands $ ?US (women’s mag, topics style, beauty, love, etc.
DesNudeo Magazine, in print $30.00US and online, Fashion, music, Artistic nudes
GQ Magazine, on newsstands $6.99US (mens mag for fashion, articles, and more)
Maxim Magazine,  on newsstands $6.99US (mens mag featuring woman)
Office Magazine,  Includes: Fashion, Art, Music, Sport, Culture, Beauty, Uncensored.
Rain Magazine,  Offers, editorial, Interviews, Shows, and shop,
Vman Magazine, Online and paper, Culture, Fashion, Music, Shop and more.

Model Agencies with Men & Woman Models:

BiCoastal MGMT, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, fair boards, Include:  Main, Direct, Fit, Lifestyle did not see model instagram pages.
Crawford Models,   small agency with models did not see model Instagram pages.  Agency has good boards.
D1Models,  Overseas office in London, Fair model boards, some models with Instagram pages.
Ford Models,  with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Paris
the boards loaded slowly and scroll down, not to easy to use.
Next Management,  with offices in Miami, Milan, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris the boards loaded easily and some models with Instagram pages.
DNA Model Management, with New York Office, boards work well and some model Instagram pages.
ORB, small agency with boards did not see model Instagrams
State Model Management, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, good boards and many male models with tattoos and some Instagram pages.  The Agency
has open calls.